Joint Instrumentation Seminar

A Joint Instrumentation Seminar of the Particle Physics and Photon Science communities at DESY, Hamburg University and XFEL

organized by Katja Krueger (DESY), Georg Steinbrueck (Uni-HH), Ulrich Trunk (DESY).
An initiative of Heinz Graafsma (DESY & XFEL), Robert Klanner (Uni-HH), and Joachim Mnich (DESY)

The aim of the series is to forge closer connections between the photon science and particle physics fields, and to get updated on new developments in specific aspects of instrumentation development.

Due to the recent development of the COVID-19 pandemic, the plan to restart the seminar in a presence format had to be abandoned. Thus the seminar will be held in an online-only format on a monthly basis as long as SARS-CoV-2 related restrictions are in place.

Otherwise time and day of the seminar remain unchanged:

First Friday of each Month, starting at 14:00.

The seminar is transmitted via Zoom, the meeting ID is 926 5258 5536 and you can join by opening in your browser.

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A list of the already scheduled dates can be found below.

Corona Pandemic Online Seminar Calendar (2020-2021) Starting time 14:00





06. Nov. 2020



04. Dec. 2020

Susanne Kühn

The Upgrade of the Inner Tracker
of the ATLAS experiment
for the High-Luminosity LHC


08. Jan. 2021

Postponed to 05. Feb.
due to DESY 'lockdown'


05. Feb. 2021

Vladimir Gromov

Development of the Timepix4 chip


05. Mar. 2021

Nicolo Cartiglia
(INFN Torino)

Resistive readout in silicon detectors


09. Apr. 2021


07. May. 2021


04. Jun. 2021

Sebastian Ellis

Axion Dark Matter and Gravitational Wave Detection in an SRF Cavity