Joint Instrumentation Seminar

A Joint Instrumentation Seminar of the Particle Physics and Photon Science communities
at DESY, Hamburg University and XFEL

organized by Katja Krueger (DESY), Georg Steinbrueck (Uni-HH), Ulrich Trunk (DESY).
An initiative of Heinz Graafsma (DESY & XFEL), Robert Klanner (Uni-HH), and Joachim Mnich (DESY)

The aim of the series is to forge closer connections between the photon science and particle physics fields, and to get updated on new developments in specific aspects of instrumentation development.

The seminars are held bi-weekly on Friday afternoons, starting at 15:00, in SR 4 Building 1b.
The seminars are made available for remote viewing via evo (Universe - Joint Instrumentation Seminar).

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A list of the already scheduled dates can be found below.

Seminar Calender 2017 Starting time 15:00





20. Jan


03. Feb

Adi Bornheim

Precision timing detectors for high luminosity hadron colliders


17. Feb

Matthew Noy

The GigaTracKer: A high time resolution pixel detector for the NA62 experiment


03. Mar

Phil Burrows

Feedback On Nanosecond Timescales: Bunch-by-bunch feedback systems for linear colliders


17. Mar


no seminar: school holidays


31. Mar


14. Apr


no seminar: easter


28. Apr


12. May

Gerhard Ulbricht (UCSB)

What Thermal Kinetic Inductance Detectors (TKIDs) can offer for X-ray imaging spectroscopy


26. May


no seminar: day after ascension


09. Jun


23. Jun


07. Jul


21. Jul


no seminar: school holidays


04. Aug


no seminar: school holidays


18. Aug


no seminar: school holidays


01. Sep


15. Sep


29. Sep


13. Oct

Dmitry Hits

Diamond Sensors


27. Oct


school holidays


10. Nov

Daniel Pitzl

New Pixels for CMS


24. Nov

Anna Macchiolo

The ATLAS Pixel Upgrade for Phase 2


08. Dec

Thomas Fritsch

Bump bonding technologies


22. Dec


no seminar: day before Christmas